Many business owners are confused as to why they need a Facebook page if they already have a profile. Two main reasons: Ads and Analytics.


Facebook profiles are made for a person. A person can like another person’s content and the newsfeed is like a rolling Bloomberg tickertape of their friends updates. Most importantly (from a business perspective), a person is limited to having 5,000 friends. That doesn’t mean more than 5,000 people can’t follow you. But, when’s the last time YOU actually thought to “Follow” someone rather than “Friend” them?


Pages are made for businesses. There are no limits on how many people can like or follow your page. FB Page’s goal is to remove as many obstacles as possible between you and your client’s wallet. You can add a button for people to call, message, shop or sign up for your email directly from facebook. You can get reviews and pay for advertising so people who haven’t liked your page find out about your business. You can create a Pixel that lets you track the people that come to your website, what age group/race/gender they are, what their interests are and where on your page you lost the sale. Finally, Pages have analytics. Analytics is what tells you whether or not your ads are working and what your most popular content is so you can share more of it.


Facebook groups are communities of people that share the same interests. These can be hobbies, swap and shops, professional groups etc. Some openly encourage you to promote your business in the group and some ban it altogether. Groups can also be mastermind groups for your business where only people who are paying for your monthly consulting sessions are allowed to mingle.

In general, you’ll want both a personal profile and a business page. Even if you are a public figure whose name IS their brand, you’ll want a page setup with your name so you can promote yourself. Which, by the way, if you are your brand, Chris Ducker’s Youpreneur Academy is a fantastic way to build, market, monetize and grow your personal brand.

In the last year, I've helped local businesses get over 400,000 views of their products and services on Google.

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