The Commercial Realtor’s Social Media Toolbox

These tools will help you curate, create and automate your social media marketing so you spend less time online and more time closing deals.

The Plan

You will want to post content at least once a week on your website, Facebook Page, Facebook Profile and Linkedin. You can read about the difference between a Facebook Profile and Page here. At least once a month you want this content to be something you create so people will share your expertise. The key to successful social selling is consistency. Get on a schedule and stick to it! Think of it like a TV series. You know what day of the week and time your favorite program comes on. Your content posts should be the same way. Your raving fans (remember, we talked about those?) will look forward to what you share.

The Tools

Content Creation

Content creation is blog posts, articles and Linkedin posts that you create (as opposed to sharing other people’s content). I use Evernote exclusively to write blog posts. It’s better than Microsoft word because it doesn’t format the text. This means you can copy and paste directly into WordPress or Linkedin without it looking weird. It’s also better because you can make Notebooks. Notebooks are like actual physical notebooks- but digital. Each one can be for a different subject or purpose. I have one for Blog Posts, one for Blog Post Ideas and one for Books that I’m writing. You can share notebooks or notes with people you are collaborating with. It also syncs to all your devices so you can work from anywhere. You can access it from your work computer, your home computer, your phone or your tablet. When inspiration hits, you have a notebook handy to capture it!
According to brain development expert Dr. John Medina, “We are incredible at remembering pictures. Hear a piece of information, and three days later you’ll remember 10% of it. Add a picture and you’ll remember 65%.” That’s why pictures get more shares, engagement and return on investment than any other social media content. Stencil is a browser plug-in that lets you create beautiful, engaging pictures right in your web browser. There are thousands of backgrounds, pre-made templates and categories to choose from. I love using it for inspirational quotes and to post daily specials for my restaurant clients. And cat pictures. Must. Include. Cat. Pictures.

Content Curation

There are several ways to find content to share. Many are free. The ones that tie directly into your content dispersion software will require a subscription. If you have more time than money, use the free ones. If you have more money than time, spring for the subscription-based ones that tie into Automated posting software like Hootsuite and Buffer. I will explain how to setup and use these in a later article.

Free Options

Feedly:  You pick which subjects you want article about. Feedly aggregates them into one spot. You decided what to post.

Pocket:  This is my favorite. It can be installed on your computer, phone or tablet so, like Evernote, it’s where you need it when you need it. It does exactly what the name implies-it clips articles and tosses them in your Pocket for you to share later. It even separates the content into Videos, Pictures and Articles. How awesome is that?!

Google Alert RSS Feeds:  You can set up a Google alert then tie that into your Hootsuite RSS curation feed. Here is a good article that describes what Google Alerts do and how they can help you curate content and manage your online reputation.

Feed Rinse:  Takes all those RSS feeds from Google and Feedly and filters out profanity, irrelevant content and spam. You’ll only get the quality content that’s appropriate to share with your potential clients.

Paid Options

Quu: Quu is different from other paid services in that it doesn’t just aggregate content from thousands of sites, it ACCEPTS content from authors. They also review each submission so that it’s relevant and appropriate for the target audience. This is important when you’re tying in automation software. You don’t want profanity to get posted to your newsfeed. You’ll want to sign up for the Ultimate Plan so you can review content before it’s posted as well. It ties into Buffer for automation but not Hootsuite. BONUS: You can sign up to be a content provider with Quu! This is how people get syndicated – through their own content being distributed.

The only other paid service I am going to mention is There are many, many services to choose from but most are geared toward people like me who do this for other people. That means they charge agency prices — a minimum of $200 a month to use their software. offers a robust toolset for both curation and automation at a reasonable price for an individual.

Content Automation

These services will be used in conjunction with your content curation software and your created content to schedule posts to your blog, Facebook and Linkedin. There are only two services I really use. Hootsuite and Buffer. Both let you automatically publish content. Both have analytics. Both have social media management tools. Buffer, however, has better integration with other tools to help you publish content, including Pocket and Feedly. This is why Buffer is becoming the preferred choice for serious bloggers.

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