It’s true and it’s sad. The cobbler’s wife, indeed, wears no shoes. Honestly, I spend so much time marketing my client’s businesses, the last thing I want to do is work on my own. Not to mention, my clients PAY me to work on their websites and social media. I don’t get paid to do my own.

This week, that changes. It’s time I practiced what I preach and lead by example. It starts with a fresh slate and a brand new website. I’ve set up my newsletter and I’ve actually embraced Linkedin (which is a first for me). And I’m going to stick to a regular content publishing schedule. Which…is another first for me (believe me, it’s harder than it sounds when you run two businesses and raise kids). I’m going to start sharing online what I share in person in my seminars and consulting sessions. Sign up for my newsletter to stay updated!

I’m working on posting a portfolio of all my work. In the meantime, here are just a FEW examples of the many projects I’ve worked on and companies I’ve worked with:

Web Design

Impression Stone
Harvest House
Mill on Wheels
Spin City’s Corner Cafe
Mobile Global Bistro
Bluzie Boys

Logo Design

Print Design

Carolina Foothills Chamber of Commerce Directory

Restaurant Ads




In the last year, I've helped local businesses get over 400,000 views of their products and services on Google.

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